Fathom’s Healthcare Team Shares Healthy Resolutions for 2016

Healthy resolutions

To welcome 2016 in true Fathom fashion, our healthcare team has compiled a list of healthy new year’s resolutions that will empower us to:

  • Audit our existing healthcare practices
  • Optimize our personal health and wellness
  • Implement recommended lifestyle changes
  • Convert our extra energy into new and exciting activities
  • Report on our progress toward a happier, healthier 2016

I couldn’t resist adding in some corny digital marking references before getting to the good stuff…

Our Team’s Healthy Resolutions

The list below is a collection of individual goals set by each healthcare team member, because as much as we enjoy working with hospitals and health systems, we would prefer to limit our trips to these facilities if at all possible (outside of preventive care visits, that is)! These healthy resolutions are aimed at improving our overall physical and mental health, and include:

  • Developing and sticking to a reasonable diet plan – one that is good for me but still allows for a bit of indulgence.Eating more green foods
  • Personal training twice per week and boxing in class three times per week.
  • Starting to swim again, with the goal of hitting the pool at least twice per week.
  • Drinking more water and less sugary beverages throughout each day.
  • Lifting weights three times per week.
  • Getting to the point where I can do five tricep push-ups.
  • Averaging 16 mph on a 23-mile bike ride (the Camp Chase Trail).
  • Committing to fewer things and doing my best on those I do commit to.
  • Going to bed earlier – I do so much better with everything when I’ve had enough sleep.
  • Eating more green foods (I don’t mean moldy foods, I mean green, leafy foods).
  • Keeping a Gratitude Journal to remind myself daily of everything I have to be grateful for in my life, big and small.
  • Begin living by my new health/life moto: Wake Up. Kick Butt. Be Kind. Repeat.
  • Continuing my journey with CrossFit.
  • Consistently incorporating more raw foods into my diet.
  • Becoming more of a morning person – trying to avoid sleeping in past 9 a.m. on the weekends.
  • Reaching 10,000 steps every day on my new Fitbit.
  • Training for and running a half-marathon.
  • Eating 1-2 more servings of fruits and vegetables every day.
  • Working out for at least 30 minutes, five times per week.
  • Cutting back on sugar – whether it be soft drinks, dessert, etc.
  • Getting back into exercising at least three times per week – incorporating this exercise into my weekly routine again and sticking to it.
  • Getting outside—even during the winter—by going on a hike every week weather and travel plans permitting (only serious snow, ice or temperatures will stop me).
  • Taking an Ayurveda workshop.
  • Strengthening my daily Reiki self-practice.

Do any of our resolutions align with the goals you have set for yourself in 2016? Are there any health and wellness resolutions you have set that differ from ours? Do you want to become a more “engaged patient” by utilizing your patient portal? Sign up for a recreational sports league? Get your cholesterol levels checked? We welcome your additions in the comments below, and wish you a happy and healthy new year!

About Erica Erwine

Erica is an Online Marketing Strategist on the Fathom Healthcare team. She holds a Bachelor’s degree from Baldwin-Wallace College, and has been with the company since June, 2010 when she started as an intern. A strategic and creative thinker, Erica’s favorite part of her job is learning about new changes within the healthcare industry and figuring out how to work those changes into digital strategies for clients.In her spare time, Erica enjoys swimming, scrapbooking and trying out new breakfast places around Columbus.LI: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ebrubach

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