iOS 14 + data privacy: what you need to know [in-depth guide]

a critical perspective from Deanna Fleming, our director of social media

Conversations around data ownership and privacy have accelerated in recent years as regulatory bodies and companies around the world grapple with how much control individuals should have over their personal data. Apple’s iOS 14 launch and subsequent updates are the most recent examples of this trend in action, moving us ever closer to the cookie-less world that seems more inevitable by the day.

If, as a marketing leader, you’re focused on measuring and maximizing results, these changes will impact your ability to be successful. Reaching the right people and measuring the impact of advertising efforts relies on access to data, and as new policies continue to emerge, our window into user behavior grows smaller.

To help you make sense of these updates, the implications they pose for active marketing campaigns, and what you can do to make sure your success continues, Deanna Fleming, our director of social media, worked with our experts to compile an in-depth guide. While we focus specifically on social media platforms here, the considerations apply across digital marketing channels.

Apple’s iOS 14 update and the control it grants users is the most recent step
toward a cookie-less world, but it’s not the last. Our digital experts have partnered with marketing leaders like you to make sense of these shifts, understand the impact on their business, and determine the best path forward. Whether you’re trying to determine which tactics are still effective, if your measurement framework is sound, or how these updates affect your marketing strategy, we can offer a critical perspective. The best place to start? A conversation. If you can use a partner’s perspective, don’t hesitate to reach out.