personalization + connection: insights from Adobe Summit 2024

recap from Ryan Mansfield

The Adobe Summit is the premier annual event for marketing software innovation, focusing on digital marketing strategies, customer experience management, and the latest digital trends. The event gathers industry leaders, marketing professionals, and Adobe experts to share insights, best practices, and the newest innovations in the field.

Ryan Mansfield, Fathom’s Manager of Marketing Automation and leader of the Cleveland Marketo User Group, attended this year’s Adobe Summit in lively Las Vegas. Throughout the event, he delved into the latest in digital marketing including the importance of 1:1 personalization and the emerging prominence of Artificial Intelligence.

Adobe’s vision for empowering content creators and streamlining data deeply resonated with Ryan. The summit showcased the latest Marketo updates, highlighting how particular enhancements bridge the gap between complex data sets and actionable marketing campaigns. These aren’t mere upgrades – they’re game changers.

During the summit, Ryan had the opportunity to connect with Carissa Russell, McGraw Hill’s Senior Marketing Operations Analyst and a 3x Marketo Engage Champion. As a longstanding client of Fathom, McGraw Hill has collaborated closely with Ryan and the Marketing Automation team to drive significant results. From executing thousands of email campaigns to building a robust sales routing model, Fathom and McGraw Hill have partnered together on numerous projects to support their vision of unlocking the potential of each learner at every stage of life.

“Getting to work with a company that is over 130 years old is truly an honor. We hope that the work we are doing now will help impact the next century at McGraw Hill as they enter an exciting period for the business.” 

Ryan Mansfield, Manager of Marketing Automation

While Ryan and Carissa were at Adobe Summit, it was announced that a popular product of McGraw Hill, ALEKS, would offer an AI-powered learning program for grades K-3.

“AI is being integrated into everything digital we touch. Consumers have always craved a more personalized experience when interacting with brands, and AI is escalating that reality through a wide variety of means. As we are off exploring AI solutions for marketing, new use cases are discovered daily and it’s just an exciting time to be in this industry.”

Carissa’s session “Expand Your Reach with Marketo Engage Through Custom Object Magic” showcased how Marketo’s capabilities can turn unique data sets into personalized email communications with intricate audience segmentation. The hands-on demonstrations underscored a key message: with the right tools, the possibilities for personalization are truly endless.

additional highlights

Another event highlight was a breakfast meeting with Adobe User Group leaders and Marketo’s product engineering team. This engaging discussion covered the upcoming features and insights with peers who are equally as passionate about marketing automation. Shantanu Narayen, Adobe’s CEO, emphasized the commitment to ongoing innovation – a journey that Marketo has embarked on since being acquired by Adobe.

Beyond the technical sessions, Adobe Summit also offered broader marketing insights. Leaders at Pfizer and General Motors shared how they utilize Adobe’s tools highlighting the importance of quick adoption and flexibility in software platforms. Additionally, a keynote by Chris Marinak, Chief Operations and Strategy Officer for Major League Baseball, reiterated the critical role of marketing automation in crafting unforgettable customer experiences.

In true Adobe fashion, the event transcended learning to embrace connection. From engaging with clients and industry experts to participating in strategic discussions with fellow marketing automation enthusiasts, developing professional relationships was a core aspect of the event.

Reflecting on the Adobe Summit, it’s evident that Marketo transcends being merely a tool; it act as a pivotal facilitator for customer-focused, data-informed marketing that aligns with the pace of the current digital environment. Whether through AI-enhanced tools or insightful data analytics, Marketo remains a leader in driving personalization at scale. This is the essence of what marketing automation specialists strive for – transforming data into deeply personalized customer journeys, one interaction at a time.

If you’re interested in creating personalized touchpoints with your audience through marketing automation, contact Ryan Mansfield at to get started.