Fathom finds new home in Cleveland’s West Bank of the Flats

construction underway at 2020 Center Street

digital marketing firm plans to be move-in ready by February 2021

Fathom, a Cleveland-based digital marketing firm, has announced a move from their current location in Valley View to Cleveland’s West Bank of the Flats. Construction to tailor the space is underway, and a grand opening is tentatively planned for February of 2021.

“2020 Center Street represents an investment in our people, in our clients, and in our future together. The space is uniquely ours, and it has been purposefully designed to suit the dynamic, collaborative work we do every day. As we continue to grow, it’s exciting to join a neighborhood that shares similar aspirations,” said Steve Kessen, Fathom’s CEO.

2020 Center Street is a historic building dating back to 1870. The two-story, brick building is located directly north of the Superior Viaduct and features exposed beams, brick walls, and lofted timber ceilings. An expansive skylight runs the entire length of the building, flooding the space with natural light.

The interior was renovated as recently as 2006 but will undergo significant renovation again ahead of the planned opening early next year. Fathom has partnered with Bialosky Cleveland on all aspects of visioning, programming, and designing the space. John G. Johnson Construction is the firm responsible for construction management on the project.

“Our future is bright, and it’s anchored in the west bank of the Flats. I can’t think of a better backdrop for the growth of Fathomers and our business than this beautiful space outfitted precisely for us,” said Kessen.

Since March, Fathom’s team has grown by more than 20%. This new office space will serve those Fathomers when they return from remote work and offers room for the continued growth of the workforce.