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Why you should leave set-it-and-forget-it SEO strategy behind

a dangerous approach

It’s not uncommon to view Search Engine Optimization as a set of tactics and novel technical hacks, which – once implemented – can be checked off a list, never to be thought of again. In fact, a handful of marketers went so far as to forego traditional SEO altogether in favor of content marketing in recent years.

For some, the danger in that approach is immediately apparent. Unfortunately, the truth is that this is an all-too-common viewpoint when considering the question, “What is Search Engine Optimization and why is it important?”

Why is the set-it-and-forget-it approach to SEO so troublesome?

today’s SEO strategy isn’t the SEO strategy of 2018

Without a diligent approach to SEO, your content will likely never be found, and prospective visitors may never find your site.

Google changes its search algorithm upwards of 500 times a year. Search engines are so focused on giving users the best, most relevant content that an effective SEO strategy must now account for more than 200 variables in the Google Algorithm.

Because of this unceasing evolution by the search engines, it’s not an exaggeration to liken SEO to walking up a down escalator. Clearly, an effective SEO strategy is more than putting keywords on a page and getting them to rank in search results.

The best organic search strategy accounts for the type of content search engines are serving your audience and provide evidence that what you have to offer is best and most relevant – be that a tweet, how-to guide, or guest post on Forbes.

keeping up

Relegating SEO to keywords and technical hacks is akin to giving a heart surgeon a Band-Aid – a temporary tool, not fully up to the task at hand.

Every page, post, and link that goes online has the potential to be read and processed by a search engine. In practice, then, SEO should be at the heart of every forward-thinking digital marketing strategy. Without it, you are not setting yourself up for the long-term digital success that can truly elevate a business.

If you’re curious how your customer is interacting with search results prior to deciding whether to visit your site or a competitor’s, or if you’re wondering how the most recent update to the Google Algorithm will impact your content strategy, I encourage you to reach out.

Decoding “the algorithm” is a favorite pastime and connecting SEO strategy to business results is my passion.


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