5/7 remote roundtable recap: healthcare industry focus

a conversation with healthcare marketing leaders about the state of the industry and rebounding from the pandemic

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On May 7, marketers from a variety of healthcare systems and organizations joined Fathom’s CEO Steve Kessen for the sixth of eight roundtable sessions. This conversation focused on the state of healthcare marketing: common challenges systems are facing, the messages that are resonating best with patients as they navigate a complex decision-making environment, and long-term predictions for the industry’s approach to marketing and care.

Steve was joined by two of Fathom’s healthcare marketing experts for this roundtable: Jeremy Mathis and Tyler Alge. Jeremy and Tyler shared a handful of trends, data points, and best practices from their personal experience working with honor-roll health systems.

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This was the sixth session in an eight-part weekly series hosted by our CEO, Steve Kessen. These remote roundtables are a connection point for marketers when the typical opportunities to collaborate don’t exist.

Upcoming roundtables include:

  • 5/14 | Change Management with Jim Kohl
  • 5/21 | Open Conversation with Steve Kessen

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