case study

pivoting paid search strategy in the wake of the OCR Bulletin

paid search case study


A leading healthcare system needed to change its paid search strategy after losing conversion tracking following the OCR bulletin. The bulletin highlights and clarifies the obligations of healthcare organizations to avoid impermissible disclosures of protected health information (PHI) when using online tracking technologies.

The healthcare system’s measurement methodologies had to pivot to ensure compliance and mitigate any setbacks to results stemming from targeting changes. The team turned to us to determine a new way to increase click volume while improving efficiency, engagement, and visibility, with a $3M budget increase for the upcoming year.


To navigate this complex regulatory environment and maintain optimal performance, our team devised a multifaceted solution:

  • Bid strategy overhaul: We pivoted from a “Max Conversions” bid strategy to a “Max Clicks” strategy. This allowed us to continue using smart bidding, keeping costs low.
  • Bid cap implementation: We introduced automated bid restrictions across campaigns, enabling us to prioritize clicks effectively while enhancing efficiency and engagement rates.
  • Brand campaign focus: By allocating additional budget resources and expanding service lines within brand campaigns, we bolstered our overall Share-of-Voice (SOV) while improving performance metrics.


The healthcare system achieved remarkable improvements in its paid search outcomes. Clicks surged by an impressive 148% year over year, fulfilling objectives set for all priority service lines. We also achieved a notable enhancement in engagement and cost efficiencies, with the clickthrough rate soaring by 26% and the cost per click improving by 26%.

Moreover, the SOV saw a substantial 6% year-over-year boost, solidifying the system’s presence in the healthcare advertising landscape.

By navigating the OCR bulletin with strategic agility and innovative approaches, we helped the healthcare system not only adapt its paid search strategy effectively but also achieve remarkable success in enhancing performance metrics and solidifying its market presence.