Google SGE: deep dive into search generative experience

a conversation with Rob + Larry

Rob Hosler and Larry Engel, SEO experts on our team, recently sat down for an insightful discussion on Google Search Generative Experience (SGE). Their conversation unraveled how it works, examples of it in use, and its impact on SEO strategies moving forward.

It’s imperative to understand that SEO is no longer a linear path but a dynamic process encompassing multiple touchpoints. As a result, marketers must create content and strategies that resonate with users at every stage of their journey—whether they’re seeking localized services, detailed information, or ready to make a transaction.

For instance, when someone searches for a cancer hospital, the SGE result provides a localized experience right at the top of the page. This mirrors the ongoing trend of optimizing for local searches, a tactic that a hospital’s marketing team should already prioritize.

Watch the video below to explore Google SGE and its implications in more depth.