recapped: Forrester B2B Summit 2021

conversations about the research, case studies + keynotes we found most compelling

Forrester’s B2B Summit—formerly SiriusDecisions Summit—has long been a must-attend event for marketing, sales, and product leaders looking for the latest research and tools to accelerate business growth. This year’s event was completely virtual, and we were proud to be sponsors.

In addition to sharing a case study of our work with EZ Texting, we’re attended sessions, met with Forrester analysts, and interacted with peers across industries. In case you weren’t among the more than 3,000 attendees, we’ve shared audio recaps with highlights and the actionable intelligence we gathered.

Each of the event’s four days, Jim Kohl, our Executive Vice President of Sales + Marketing, joined a different Fathomer to capture their immediate reaction to the day’s content. And a few weeks following the event, Jim was joined by two guests for a more comprehensive look back. In a few minutes, these recaps give you an informative and entertaining overview of the research, case studies, and keynotes they found most compelling.

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a comprehensive review

Distance shapes perspective. With that idea in mind, Jim Kohl, our EVP of Sales + Marketing, was joined by Steve Kessen, our CEO, and Chuck Baddley, our EVP of Digital Solutions, to look back at Forrester’s B2B Summit two weeks after the close of the event. In this recap conversation, Jim, Steve, and Chuck discussed the sessions that have remained top of mind weeks after the event, whether Forrester is innovating models for the sake of fresh content or real value, and why our clients should be put on notice.

day four

On the last day of Forrester’s B2B Summit, our CEO, Steve Kessen, joined Jim to recap the day and reflect on the event as a whole. From whether B2B Summit was too ABM-focused to the marketing metrics that matter most to CEOs like Steve, the topics of conversation were as wide-ranging as the day’s content. The pair wrapped up by sharing high points: a session on future-fit teams and crowning the event’s rockstar presenter.

day three

Following the third day of Summit, Jim was joined by Angela Krieger, our Vice President of Strategy. Angela and Jim discussed how important it is to build trust with customers and how quickly that hard work can be erased. Before wrapping up the conversation, the two riffed on their favorite analogy of the day: how one of North America’s most infamous illegal road races is a great parallel to a high-functioning marketing team.

day two

After wrapping up the second day of Summit, our CEO, Steve Kessen, joined Jim to discuss his experience. As the chief executive of a marketing firm, Steve has a unique perspective on the convergence of brand experience and revenue generation—a theme that served as a common thread for the day’s sessions. In their conversation, Steve and Jim discussed the marketing leader’s opportunity to rethink their team’s role in the customer journey—plus, one of Jim’s favorite tradeshow clichés.

day one

Following day one, Jim sat down with Jeremy Mathis. As an Account Partner, Jeremy works with marketing executives to align our efforts to the outcomes that matter most for their businesses. In their recap of the event’s first day, Jeremy and Jim discuss the evolution of Forrester’s Demand Waterfall and the moments they were most surprised by.