the 2020 election’s impact on digital advertising

+ what you can do about it

I recently received a note from a client partner related to the 2020 presidential election and its potential impact on paid media. Maybe you’ve asked the same question—to yourself, your team, or the third parties you work with regularly. The note read:

Should we be concerned about campaigns during election season given the increased noise in the market?

The concern is a valid one, and this wasn’t the only client who asked. We know anecdotally that elections—especially presidential elections—impact not only the inventory available to marketers but our audience’s attention span, as well.

So, will this year’s election impact your ability to reach your audience and drive the results you’re accustomed to? And, more importantly, is there anything you can do to prepare? The short answer to both questions: Yes.

I partnered with our director of paid media, Katie Zelasko, our digital specialists, and our partners across paid search, display, and social media to create a comprehensive paid media outlook for digital marketers during election season.

A summary of our findings is below, but we’ve also collected a depth of research to inform digital advertising strategies from now through election day. If you’d like to learn more or understand how this will impact your business specifically, please reach out.