case study

increasing share of voice in a highly competitive market with foundational SEO

using the SEO Quadrant™ to grow market share


The YMCA of Greater Cleveland wanted to increase online membership registrations through their website using SEO. Knowing how competitive the space is, it was unlikely they’d attract the CrossFit or bodybuilding crowds, so their target audiences were busy parents (whose children need somewhere to go during summer or work hours) and active older adults (senior citizens seeking community). Their goal was to grow their share of voice for their Cleveland-area locations, attempting to beat out competitors such as gyms, summer camps, and swim schools.

Fathom SEO QuadrantTM for YMCA Case Study
The SEO Quadrant™ is how we approach foundational organic search support. For YMCA, we started with a quick wins review and focused on technical SEO improvements.


Using the SEO Quadrant™ as a starting point, we planned out a foundational SEO approach to support the YMCA’s goals. The SEO Quadrant is designed to help clarify where to focus immediately to generate quick outcomes and what’s necessary for long-term success.

We first conducted a quick wins review and a technical SEO assessment to strengthen the YMCA’s website foundation. We uncovered a variety of both immediate and long-term opportunities to improve the site, including:

  • Image compression and site optimizations to reduce site speed (upon implementation, site speed improved from 3.13 seconds to 2.32 seconds)
  • Identifying and redirecting broken links to ensure the SEO value of the removed pages is passed through to relevant existing pages
  • Title tag and meta description optimizations on high-value pages

Knowing the YMCA was especially concerned with the local competitor market, we conducted a content and keyword audit and a competitor analysis. These included providing competitive market share insights and updated tracked keyword recommendations.

Once we had this foundational work in place, which also included ensuring conversions and events were being properly tracked, much of our focus went toward local SEO, which was a particular priority, given the YMCA’s multiple locations. We optimized the company’s existing Google Business Profile listings and claimed and optimized 39 additional listings focused on day/summer camps, before/after school enrichment, and preschool/early childhood learning programs.