you know your business—and you want a partner who knows theirs

We’re deeply rooted in digital, so we can lean into our expertise to bring you a unique point of view. Our marketing specialists stay on the leading edge of digital trends and offer a critical perspective to know what works, what won’t, and what’s around the corner.

areas of expertise

Search Engine Optimization

Increasing brand awareness and growing organic traffic are just the beginning. A truly effective SEO strategy is built to support all your digital marketing efforts and drive business results. Our experts go deeper than keywords and page ranks to help craft strategies that connect relevant audiences to your brand and content, optimize for critical customer journey moments, deliver great user experiences, and tie organic results to revenue.

Thanks to our team of SEO experts, Fathom is recognized as a BrightEdge Certified Partner and Google Analytics Certified Partner.

Paid Search + Display

Paid search, display and programmatic strategies should address your entire customer journey, capturing audiences when and where they’re most likely to act. Well beyond impressions, average cost-per-click and conversions, our paid media experts build and optimize revenue-focused strategies that achieve your business goals. That means identifying high-value customer segments, understanding channel influence on customer conversion, and balancing machine learning with human expertise.

Because of our experts, Fathom is recognized as a Google Premier Partner, Bing Ads Partner, Pandora Partner, Tremor Partner, and MNI Partner.

Social Media

The right organic and paid social strategies help you reach targeted audiences across the customer lifecycle, all while demonstrating ROI. Our social experts serve marketing leaders looking to engage new prospects, build core, look-alike and custom audiences, and optimize lead generation for greatest impact. Beyond platform and campaign management, our specialists can help deliver audience insights, personalized content, and strategic optimizations that return real business results.

Thanks to our team of social experts, Fathom is recognized as a strategic partner by Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Snapchat.

Marketing Automation

Our nurture experts help craft strategies that engage customers throughout their buying journey. Much more than just email marketing, marketing automation helps nurture audiences by automating touchpoints and tasks that deliver highly personalized messaging. With greater visibility to customer behavior, our experts help you better align marketing and sales efforts, implement and mature lead-scoring strategies, increase conversion rates, accelerate the rate at which opportunities close, and determine the right mix of marketing efforts.

Thanks to our team of marketing automation experts, Fathom is recognized as a Marketo Premier Partner and a Hubspot Certified Partner, on top of experience with Pardot, Marketing Cloud, and other platforms.

Content + Creative

With audience-first strategies, we set the foundation for a cohesive yet unique brand story across all digital channels, delivering compelling digital experiences driven by data, creativity, and collaboration. Our experts bring together multiple disciplines—from audience research to content strategy, copywriting to visual design—to effectively steward your brand and achieve your goals.

Our team of writers and designers have been recognized for producing rich interactive media, engaging website copy and design, email and landing page design, whitepapers, articles, infographics, and more.


Any responsible marketing investment requires clear visibility into performance data. But the collection, analysis and visualization of performance data alone aren’t enough to drive better decision-making. Ranging from web and data analysts to engineers and technologists, our experts help you get the most from your own data and technology stack. Whether integrating multiple data sources, implementing analytics platforms, or managing testing and optimization programs, our specialists can provide a unique point of view for your business.

Thanks to our team of analytics and technology experts, Fathom is recognized as a Google Certified Analytics Partner, Domo Certified Partner, and as Tableau Certified Experts.


Our team is always seeking higher levels of training in the tools of the trade and our senior leaders recognize the value of rolling up their sleeves and being involved in day-to-day work. Meet the team.

Kevin Shaw
Steve Kessen
Chief Executive Officer
Kevin Shaw
Steve Kessen
Chief Executive Officer
Stephen Epple
Executive Vice President, Digital Strategy
Sean Wenger
Executive Vice President
Brittany Trafis
Vice President, Account Partnership
Jim Kohl
Vice President, Marketing
Matt Klouse
HR Director
Joe Campbell
Alexis Hippler
Visual Designer
Allison Wood
Account Manager
Amanda Klitsch
Consultant, Digital Strategy
Angela Krieger
Senior Director, Social + Paid Media
Beth Marcus
Consultant, Content Strategy
Ben Goldman
Senior Strategist, Paid Media
Brent Evans
Vice President, Digital Strategy
Brent Levi
Consultant, Nurture Marketing
Casey Nichols
Creative Writer
Claire Abraham
Manager, Paid Media
Colin Hoffman
Specialist, SEO
Colleen Masters
Senior Director, Operations
Corinne Tam
Strategist, Social Media
Dani Langenderfer
Strategist, Nurture Marketing
Dave Berman
Creative Director
Deanna Fleming
Manager, Social Media
Desiree Lewis
Creative Manager
Efi Golan
Vice President, Analytics + Technology
Francesca Luppino
Senior Manager, Creative Writing
Jay Ketchaver
Manager, IT + Security
Jeremy Mathis
Senior Director, Digital Strategy
Jenelle Maddox
Account Director
Jherod Bauders
Director, Nurture Marketing
Jim Huntley
Specialist, Paid Media
Joe Adams
Manager, Marketing
Joe Loar
Strategist, Paid Media
John Sharpe
Account Manager
Julia Gandy
Senior Creative Writer
Kara Oldford
Account Partner
Kelsey Fyfe
Vice President, Solutions Consulting
Kristy LeMaster
Office Manager
Lauren Campbell
Strategist, Nurture Marketing
Leslie Becker
Senior Project Manager
Mary Kate Botzenhart
Project Manager
Matt Yourstowsky
Senior Specialist, Nurture Marketing
Missy Williams
Senior Strategist, SEO
Molly Ruff
Senior Account Manager
Nick Martin
Specialist, Digital Analytics
Nicole Angelo
Senior Specialist, Paid Media
Rob Hosler
Manager, SEO
Simran Hothi
Strategist, Paid Media
Stephen Lehner
Vice President, Solutions Consulting
Tim Horvath
Solutions Consultant
Tyler Alge
Director, Paid Media + Display
Victoria Wilhelm
Manager, Nurture Marketing

core values

As a team of purpose-driven individuals, Fathomers believe and consistently demonstrate the following core values:

Everyone a Leader

We believe everyone at Fathom is a leader. Regardless of title or role, we serve others first, take initiative, and operate as creators.

Advocate Always

We believe everyone at Fathom is a client advocate. As trusted advisors, we cultivate the empathy, expertise, and courage needed to truly act in our clients’ best interest.

Make Order from Chaos

We believe everyone at Fathom is a team player. As dependable teammates, we create solutions and deliver results consistently. Amid chaos, we embrace and drive change for the better.

Raise the Bar

We believe in raising the bar for our clients and for ourselves. Never complacent. Progress is built on learning day by day. We understand and then challenge the status quo, striving for excellence in all that we do.