MAICON 2023: what marketers need to know

takeaways from our team + an interview with ChatGPT

AI is (seemingly) everywhere. While we’re in the early stages of mainstream adoption of AI tools, the pace of change is accelerating. In that light, if you start to understand AI now, you can differentiate yourself—and potentially your business.

Patty Parobek, our Senior Director of Strategy, and Rob Hosler, our Director of SEO, had the opportunity to attend MAICON 2023 July 26 – 28 in Cleveland, Ohio. In this quick recap, Patty and Rob share their key takeaways from the Marketing AI Conference, and they do it in an intriguing way—through an interview with ChatGPT.

And if you’re curious, you can find the ChatGPT prompts Patty and Rob used to facilitate the conversation below the video.

ChatGPT interview prompts

setting up resource

Prompt 1: Give me the summary of what MAICON, the Marketing Artificial Intelligence Conference, is so that you can reference it in my later prompts.

inputting notes

Prompt 2: Here are notes from the first day at MAICON from two employees from Fathom, a digital marketing agency, who attended the event. They were instructed to keep notes of what they learned to bring back to Fathom and their clients. You will see notes from Rob and Patty. Rob is the Director of SEO and Patty is a Senior Director of Strategy at Fathom. You are to remember their notes as well as the information I prompted before to generate your own knowledge of this event for a future prompt. Once I give you the notes, you are ONLY to reply with “Thank you” until I prompt “I am done with the notes.” Once I prompt, “I am done with the notes,” you will say “Great! Let’s move on.” Here are the notes: input notes

Prompt 3: “I am done with the notes.”

generating database

Prompt 4: With all of the information we have generated in this chat, please respond with your in-depth summary of what MAICON is, how it impacted Fathom, and key learnings and findings so that you can reference this summary for future prompts. Go through this step-by-step.

beginning the interview

Prompt 5: You will now act as an interviewer and use the information we have generated in this chat to ask relevant questions to each of the employees, Rob and Patty. You will ask thought-provoking questions for each employee to answer about their experience, encourage other Fathom employees to use AI, and educate the clients of Fathom about AI. You will ask respective questions following a normal interview Q&A format when I prompt you “Question {respective question}” For example, when I prompt you “Question 1” you will respond with the first interview question, I will reply with “Question 2” and so on until I say “The interview is complete.” Remember to ask thought-provoking questions to the employees who attended MAICON, which should all relate to the information we have provided each other in the prompts beforehand. If you understand and are ready for the first prompt question, reply ONLY with “Let’s begin the interview.”

Prompt 6: “Question 1”

Prompt #: “Question 10”

Ending Prompt: “The interview is complete.”