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Homepage Sweet Homepage: Manufacturing Webpage Basics

By | December 22, 2014

When setting out to build a B2B website to support a manufacturing business, it makes sense to start with your homepage and the pages associated with it. The basics are pretty easy to guess. The homepage introduces your company. You need an about us section to tell people about the company and the people who run it. You need a product section showing the services or products your company offers. Then, for sure, you need some kind of contact us page, so customers can call or email to start the sales conversation.… Read the rest


The Secret to Success for Manufacturing Websites: Foundation Pages

By | December 18, 2014

Note: The awesome robot paintings featured on this post are from artist Eric Joyner. Go check him out!

Before focusing on blog posts and other types of innovative onsite content, it’s vital that manufacturers make sure their website’s foundation pages are built and showcased properly. Foundation pages are fundamental content that describe a business, its services, its clients, and its differentiators.

Foundation pages make up the “brochure content” of your website. The blog and social media properties can be frequently updated with more engaging, timely, thought-provoking content .… Read the rest


Why Every Industrial Marketing Plans Needs PPC

By | December 16, 2014

PPC (that is, pay-per-click advertising) offers a number of unique advantages that no other type of marketing can, online or offline. Can your company afford to lose these 4 competitive advantages to competing manufacturers?

#1. Only Pay for Performance

PPC stands for ‘pay-per-click’. This means that advertisers only pay when someone interacts with their ad creative in a definable way – in this particular case, by clicking on it. The pay-per-click advertising model keeps costs tied directly to an actual performance metric.… Read the rest


Consumer Brand Manufacturing Spotlight: Holiday Shopping Stats

By | December 15, 2014

It’s the holidays, which means, as a marketer for a consumer brand, chances are you’ve seen an endless parade of stats about the habits of holiday shoppers. Fear not. I’m not going to bludgeon you with 10, 19, or 99 more stats. I have merely a handful, but I want to tease out some significance from below the surface. Rather than having you cry for an ice pack after having absorbed so many numerical blows to the head, I’m hoping you can coolly reflect on a few numbers* with a clear mind.… Read the rest


Mobile Sites, SEO a ‘MUST’ for Manufacturers

By | December 12, 2014

Mobile phones have become a way of life.  According to 2014 Pew Research data, 90% of Americans have mobile phones and 58% own smartphones.  “Americans” is a large dataset, so Fathom decided to conduct a survey of manufacturing end users to better understand their Internet usage patterns.  We found that 100% of these busy B2B professionals owned smartphones.  Check out some of the statements Fathom received from end users:

“I use my smartphone for everything … checking email, viewing instructional videos, training, etc.” –Health Safety Equipment Manager.… Read the rest

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