performance marketing with Penn Medicine

featured in Swaay.Health

At the Healthcare Marketing & Physicians Strategy Summit in April, our CEO Steve Kessen and clients Camelot Ives and Joshua Torrisi, both Corporate Directors of Enterprise Growth Marketing at Penn Medicine, were interviewed by Swaay.Health following their presentation on the performance marketing success we’ve achieved in our partnership.

precision in marketing leads to performance gains

In a recent survey, 78% of healthcare marketers reported spending less due to inflationary pressures. Couple those limitations with the operational constraints most healthcare organizations are navigating, and healthcare marketers have no choice but to maximize the impact of every dollar invested. In short, they must practice precision.

This was the story of the presentation Steve, Camelot, and Joshua shared at HMPS.

“Penn Medicine has completely transformed the way we go about campaign strategy and campaign planning,” stated Steve. “They are advancing the way they think and work as it relates to performance marketing. The results speak for themselves.”

The results Steve mentioned were further illustrated by Joshua later in the conversation.

“We set a goal of 5 percent growth in terms of new patient visits that were coming from marketing,” said Torrisi. “We are actually tracking towards an 18 percent year-over-year growth. What we are doing is working.”

You can watch the full interview and learn more about the approach the Penn Medicine and Fathom teams took to achieve such exceptional results at Swaay.Health.

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