promoting coronavirus vaccination campaigns with digital advertising

Hospitals have long been among the most respected names in their communities, and that’s a reputation that carries significant weight today. 74% of Americans have a positive view of medical doctors—by far the highest score among public figures relative to trust and the ongoing pandemic. The civic commitment that earned that trust has really come to the forefront this past …

why more budget isn’t always the answer

Death, taxes, and your digital marketing agency asking for more budget: these are the inevitabilities of life as a marketing leader. While you don’t have much say when it comes to the first two, you can have the last word when it comes to allocating your budget. Before you make the decision to approve or deny the request, you’ll likely …

highlights: digital meetup for higher ed marketers

On July 30, higher ed recruitment marketing, admissions, and alumni relations leaders came together to share their challenges, offer solutions anchored in experience, and find common ground despite their diverse backgrounds. The event? A digital meetup for higher education leaders hosted by Fathom, in partnership with Marketo.

change leadership is the marketer’s mandate

Gone are the days when a siloed business could present an effective customer experience (CX). CX is a key differentiator today—according to many researchers, the key differentiator over product and people. As a marketer, your deep customer intimacy allows you to be a key driver of success in this area.

the generation fallacy in higher education marketing

You’re too focused on the generation of your audience. Everyone in higher ed marketing and admissions is too focused on generation.

I understand why. It’s near impossible to avoid the headlines, case studies, and webinars explaining how prospective student expectations have evolved as Millennials pass the torch to Gen Z. “But what does that mean for you?” the experts ask, implying a promise to answer.

I’m here to tell you it’s all clickbait. Generational shifts aren’t driving the evolution of student expectations, just as generational shifts aren’t driving consumers to choose Amazon over big box stores.

the CMO’s path to CEO

To capitalize on the opportunity before them, marketing leaders must do three things: intensely scrutinize marketing behavior against shareholder value, have a deep understanding of other functional areas of the business, and speak the language of finance.