4/2 remote roundtable recap: digital advertising today

Marketers from across higher ed, healthcare, financial services, and more joined host and CEO Steve Kessen for the first of eight remote roundtable sessions on Thursday, April 2. This roundtable focused on Digital Advertising Today, and Steve was joined by Fathom’s paid media experts including Angela Krieger, our VP of Channel Strategy, and two of her team members: Tyler Alge and Claire Abraham.

what you can do to get ahead of the higher ed crisis

The Crash. The Cliff. The Crisis in Higher Ed. If you follow current events and forecasts in the higher ed space, you’ve likely heard one, if not all, of these phrases recently and often. At least, that was my experience at the 2019 American Marketing Association Symposium for the Marketing of Higher Ed.

what’s top of mind for the CMO: December 2019

If you couldn’t make it to AMA Higher Ed 2019 or want a refresher on what mattered most from the keynotes and sessions, our Brittany Trafis, executive vice president of client partnership, and Jim Kohl, executive vice president of sales and marketing, recorded 15-minute daily recaps covering the biggest surprises and disappointments while making sense of the key themes. You can read or listen to those recaps below.

what’s top of mind for the CMO: November 2019

As you begin to have conversations with marketing leaders, trends emerge. One of the clearest trends: chief marketers, regardless of industry or responsibility, sometimes feel like they’re on an island. That’s one of the main reasons I sat down with Steve Kessen, our CEO, and Jim Kohl, our EVP, sales and marketing, to record a conversation recently.

why more budget isn’t always the answer

how marketing leaders can push paid advertising teams to do more with less tyler alge8-minute read in brief As the decision maker responsible for managing your business’ marketing budget, you will inevitably be asked by your internal or external team for additional resources. Use this opportunity to coach toward better business outcomes made possible through more efficient paid media campaigns. …

highlights: digital meetup for higher ed marketers

On July 30, higher ed recruitment marketing, admissions, and alumni relations leaders came together to share their challenges, offer solutions anchored in experience, and find common ground despite their diverse backgrounds. The event? A digital meetup for higher education leaders hosted by Fathom, in partnership with Marketo.

change leadership is the marketer’s mandate

Gone are the days when a siloed business could present an effective customer experience (CX). CX is a key differentiator today—according to many researchers, the key differentiator over product and people. As a marketer, your deep customer intimacy allows you to be a key driver of success in this area.

the generation fallacy in higher education marketing

You’re too focused on the generation of your audience. Everyone in higher ed marketing and admissions is too focused on generation.

I understand why. It’s near impossible to avoid the headlines, case studies, and webinars explaining how prospective student expectations have evolved as Millennials pass the torch to Gen Z. “But what does that mean for you?” the experts ask, implying a promise to answer.

I’m here to tell you it’s all clickbait. Generational shifts aren’t driving the evolution of student expectations, just as generational shifts aren’t driving consumers to choose Amazon over big box stores.