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Paid search, display, and programmatic strategies should address your entire customer journey, capturing audiences when and where they're most likely to act. Well beyond impressions, average cost-per-click and conversions, our paid media experts build and optimize revenue-focused strategies that achieve your business goals. That means identifying high-value customer segments, understanding channel influence on customer conversion, and balancing machine learning with human expertise.

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Meet our paid search and display team.

Ben Goldman
Senior Strategist, Paid Media
Cierra MacDonald
Specialist, Paid Media
Jim Huntley
Specialist, Paid Media
Joe Loar
Manager, Paid Media
Angela Krieger
Vice President, Strategy
Elise Kogelnik
Strategist, Paid Media
Evan Kobylski
Specialist, Paid Media
Bailee Bober
Associate, Paid Media
Brianna Walsh
Manager, Paid Media
Mark Anderson
Specialist, Paid Media
Taylor Pasquale
Specialist, Paid Media
Tori Bartolozzi
Strategist, Paid Media
Premier Google Partner
Bing Ads
Media Networks Inc
Tremor Video

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