what you can do to get ahead of the higher ed crisis

The Crash. The Cliff. The Crisis in Higher Ed. If you follow current events and forecasts in the higher ed space, you’ve likely heard one, if not all, of these phrases recently and often. At least, that was my experience at the 2019 American Marketing Association Symposium for the Marketing of Higher Ed.

the generation fallacy in higher education marketing

You’re too focused on the generation of your audience. Everyone in higher ed marketing and admissions is too focused on generation.

I understand why. It’s near impossible to avoid the headlines, case studies, and webinars explaining how prospective student expectations have evolved as Millennials pass the torch to Gen Z. “But what does that mean for you?” the experts ask, implying a promise to answer.

I’m here to tell you it’s all clickbait. Generational shifts aren’t driving the evolution of student expectations, just as generational shifts aren’t driving consumers to choose Amazon over big box stores.

increasing yield rates in higher ed

Indiana State University and Fathom discussed how to navigate the evolving relationship between admissions and marketing departments in the webinar ‘Yield: Modern Solutions to the Age-Old Metric. This is a summary of the presented case study.