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Create exceptional content to attract (and keep) your ideal customers.

Let’s start by talking about what content marketing isn’t: A goal. A list of things to do. SEO. A magic tonic that keeps every aspect of your business healthy.

Content marketing is best described as a philosophy.

Every conscientious marketer knows content creation is a powerful tool to strengthen bonds with customers and meet business goals in a buyer-first world. Devout content marketing disciples already know and practice the principles of delighting their audiences with invaluable content. They know that providing invaluable content translates to loyalty.

Download Fathom’s content brand voice questionnaire (Microsoft Word) to speak a unified message.

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Form vs. function
The first rule of content marketing is that it’s not about the form! Substance first, structure second. Blog posts, case studies, white papers, guides, infographics, contests, social media campaigns, videos, webinars, podcasts … it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you’re giving customers something to cherish. Rather than thinking about media, channels or any specific tactics, start by viewing content marketing as a set of principles in which building trust, not twisting arms (i.e, the hard sell), is the goal. Your world-class content is what comes first, the vehicle for distribution is second.

Tangible benefits
Besides the brand cred and customer satisfaction previously described, other reasons why premium content should be central to your marketing strategy:

  • Organic search-engine rankings, especially for timeliness or social influence.
  • Greater audience engagement: Social shares, ‘likes,’ repeat visits, avg. time on page/site.
  • Opportunities for external links (and qualified traffic) back to your site.

Content Marketing Workshops

Learn how to enhance your status as an industry authority.  Walk through our Content Marketing Canvas and arm yourself with a clear plan. The 3-phase approach consists of:

  • Phase 1: Research and discovery
  • Phase 2: Planning and development
  • Phase 3: Execution, measurement and refinement

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Get hands-on instruction in how to become a content superstar.

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