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Web Analytics: Why Accuracy Matters

Chances are good you’ve got a data problem. As an analytics company, we recently surveyed the Google Analytics accounts of nearly 150 businesses across industries and found critical errors:

    • Over 30% had outdated or improperly placed tracking code.
    • Over 50% had misattributed or artificially skewed data due to improperly customized tracking code.
    • Nearly 50% were failing to utilize key features (like custom segments & event tracking)
    • Over 30% were not properly tracking marketing campaigns.
    • Over 30% had misused or failed to use settings for data cleanup.

Making decisions based on inaccurate data means you might misallocate budget, miss out on huge revenue opportunities or watch marketing initiatives crash.

The Fathom approach to analytics:

analytics_approachREFINE is a Google Analytics audit & clean-up product that addresses the first two phases of the anayltics pyramid (data integrity & optimization).  Learn more.

inSITE is an advanced analytics product that addresses phase 3 (action). It includes branded, interactive dashboards and a monthly inSITE report with data analysis and recommendations.

If it’s not clean, you don’t have an efficient revenue machine. Superior data-driven marketing decisions require accurate data.  Trust in your analytics company enables trust in your strategy and:

  • Better reporting
  • Smarter marketing
  • More new business
  • Less wasted budget

Do you trust your data? Do you lack complete reporting? Do you know how to act on your data?


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