Easiest Way to Rank? Through Video.

By February 16, 2009 SEO 3 Comments

Online Video just keeps proving its increasing importance in marketing efforts.  Since the launch of Google Universal Search in May 2007, videos have slowly started to find their way to the first page of the search results.  But now, nearly two years later, a study by Nate Elliot with Forrester Research has revealed just how prevalent these videos have become.

The study examined 40 popular keywords on which Google offers video results, and found “an average of 16,000 videos vying to appear on results pages containing an average of 1.5 video results—giving each video about an 11,000-to-1 chance of making it onto the first page of results. By comparison, there were an average of 4.7 million text pages competing for a place on results pages with an average of just 9.4 text results—giving each text page about a 500,000-to-1 chance of appearing on the first page of results.”

Translated into basic math, that means that videos are 53 times more likely than text results to appear on page 1.  This is a major opportunity for businesses with high-quality video present on their sites to improve their visibility on the Google results pages, and an even greater opportunity for businesses without videos to get in the video game and stand out from their competitors.

Like it or not, video has become yet another important play in the online marketing playbook.  With this rapid growth in online video presence, and the undeniable statistics about video placement in the search results, how much longer can your business afford not to have video?

Watch this short video excerpt about how online videos can enhance your web site and rankings.

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  • L2 says:

    Video IS the future as Internet speeds keep increasing. Was kinda’ hard to do on a 14.4 modem… lol


  • Holly Powell says:

    I would definitely agree that the easiest way to rank is through video. Search engines loves video content and video blogging are just everywhere. The importance of videos are rising nowadays and it is even used by marketers to do online business.

  • Hello Cliff,
    Interesting to see how this prediction from 2 years ago has since moved even closer to the mainstream of online marketing.

    Video is now already viewed by most savvy marketers as a low hanging fruit in terms of SEO, because of the relatively low competition when compared to text search, not to mention that video’s engagement rates are through the roof.

    It’s wirth noting that at the time of writing this – (March 2011) Search Engines still need help identifying video submissions and creating a video-sitemap is advisable for those vendors who wnat to ensure their video content investment is properly indexed.


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