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Our nurture marketing experts help craft strategies that engage customers throughout their buying journey. Much more than just email marketing, marketing automation helps nurture audiences by automating touchpoints and tasks that deliver highly personalized messaging. With greater visibility to customer behavior, our experts help you better align marketing and sales efforts, implement and mature lead-scoring strategies, increase conversion rates, accelerate the rate at which opportunities close, and determine the right mix of marketing efforts.

our marketing automation experts

Meet our team of nurture specialists.

Abby Pope
Lead Strategist, Nurture Marketing
Jenna Karaffa
Senior Specialist, Nurture Marketing
Lauren Campbell
Senior Strategist, Nurture Marketing
Victoria Wilhelm
Manager, Nurture Marketing
jen straniero
Senior Specialist, Nurture Marketing
ryan mansfield
Strategist, Nurture Marketing
mark gockowski
Specialist, Nurture Marketing
Premier Google Partner
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