4/2 remote roundtable recap: digital advertising today

the first in a series of eight collaborative sessions for marketers

joe adams
55-minute recording

in brief

  • Marketers from a variety of industries joined our CEO, Steve Kessen, April 2 to discuss Digital Advertising Today. Steve was joined by a handful of our digital marketing experts, including Angela Krieger, Tyler Alge, and Claire Abraham.
  • This was the first in an eight-part, weekly series of Remote Roundtables—a connection point for marketers when the typical opportunities to collaborate don’t exist.
  • Topics of conversation over the course of the hour-long session included March 2020 paid media trends, balancing machine learning and human optimization, and which messages are resonating best with today’s isolated audience.

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Marketers from across higher ed, healthcare, financial services, and more joined host and CEO Steve Kessen for the first of eight remote roundtable sessions on Thursday, April 2. This roundtable focused on Digital Advertising Today, and Steve was joined by Fathom’s paid media experts including Angela Krieger, our VP of Channel Strategy, and two of her team members: Tyler Alge and Claire Abraham.

Over the course of the conversation, the group discussed:

  • Building a solid paid media strategic foundation
  • March 2020 digital advertising trends
  • How to balance machine learning and optimization
  • Where marketers are engaging audiences in a self-isolated world
  • Which messages are resonating with digital audiences today

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This session was the first in an eight-part weekly series hosted by Steve Kessen. These remote roundtables are a connection point for marketers when the typical opportunities to collaborate don’t exist.

Upcoming roundtables include:

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  • 4.30 | Growth-focused SEO with John Castronova
  • 5/7 | A Focus on Healthcare with Jeremy Mathis
  • 5/14 | Change Management with Jim Kohl
  • 5/21 | Open Conversation with Steve Kessen

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