Fathom’s education marketing brand is built to deliver on two goals common to most higher education institutions: student recruitment / retention and alumni relationship management. All student recruitment and retention efforts are centered on attracting new prospects, boosting enrollment rates by 25%, predicting likelihood to enroll, getting in the prospective students’ inboxes at a rate 3.5X the industry average, and resurrecting older prospects to recommit or disqualify.

When you consider that more students are conducting their research for higher education institutions online, the importance of delivering results that matter is clear.



Fathom was tasked with increasing leads and enrollments for private non-profit university while lowering cost per conversions.  Our strategy centered on the use of big data to analyze the best use of budget for paid search campaigns.

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EDU Standard: The Student Journey Edition

Higher education institutions today are all asking one challenging question: How do we grow student enrollment in an increasingly competitive collegiate environment?

With this publication, you will learn:

  • How to use digital marketing to increase enrollments, student retention rates, and nurture alumni donorship

  • Develop a consistent digital experience of your school that reflects your institutions goals and values

  • The latest trends and benchmarks in higher education marketing

  • How to develop a long-term personalized messaging strategy

Hungry for more higher ed marketing resources? Visit the Fathom Education Knowledge Center!


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Kent State
New School
Westminster College

Whether you are a school president, marketing, or admissions person, Fathom helps you achieve the same goal:

Better enrollments.


  • Get better enrollment rates across your desk.
  • Understand student outcomes.
  • Balance your enrollment mix.
  • Protect your school’s reputation.
  • Achieve/maintain consistently high rankings in college review publications.
  • Make sure the buck stops with you.

VP of Marketing

  • Know where to put your marketing dollars.
  • Interpret a complex pool of student data.
  • Navigate a complex chain-of-command and collaborate across departments.
  • Maintain a student-focused, mobile-optimized website.
  • Pay attention to every aspect of the student journey to enrollment.
  • Work closely with your peers in admissions.
  • Alleviate concerns about skyrocketing costs of tuition, untenable student debt, and the perceived value of degrees

VP of Admissions

  • Increase your yield rate.
  • Conduct class shaping.
  • Manage student relationships.
  • Work closely with your peers in marketing.
  • Alleviate concerns about skyrocketing costs of tuition, untenable student debt, and the perceived value of degrees.

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Get a student recruitment strategy with full enrollment projections!

  • Generate more qualified leads
  • Shape classes with the right student mix
  • Improve retention with better understanding of student data
  • Minimize discount rates
  • Manage student relationships
  • Connect key stakeholders


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