Welcome to the New Fathom Integrated Strategy!

Sounds Great… So, What Does Integrated Strategy Mean for Me?

The Fathom Integrated Strategy is our brand-new approach to bringing the best of each solution to our clients. We are re-shaping how each solution interacts with each other throughout the entire client life cycle from pre-sale all the way through strategy development, implementation and ongoing day-to-day operations. So dig in, get your hands dirty and help us mold this framework into a best-of-class approach to building client strategy.

Each day, we’ll be sharing information through fun, interactive activities focused on each phase of the integrated strategy. And, as an added bonus, for every day you visit the site and interact with our content, you’ll receive an additional entry into our Integrated Strategy prize drawing.

Data, Data, Data

With our new Integrated Strategy, analytics is incorporated throughout the entire planning and implementation process. From initial assessments to ongoing testing and monthly and quarterly reports on KPIs, data will inform every decision we make and every recommendation we offer. Opinions may be great for editorials but they’re terrible for making strategic decisions for clients. We’ll stick with data.

So how much do you know about data and visualizations? Take the quiz and see if you can tell the difference between good and bad visualizations!

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P.S. If you missed Tuesday, complete the Solution Integration activity to see how your specific solution works with other solutions at Fathom.