Research, intelligence and great communication. Listening first.

That’s how Fathom can help you increase the sophistication of your PR and community outreach.

Conversation is happening right now about your products and services.

People are composing tweets, liking content on Facebook, commenting on YouTube videos and blog posts … all related to your business.

  • Where can you easily locate all this chatter?
  • How can you keep track of all these conversations?
  • Are you getting favorable reviews or scathing criticisms?

We have the answers. Use Fathom’s VisiOne technology to monitor and track:

  • All social-media conversations down to the ‘nano’ level
  • Comments on an existing remark made on a blog post related to one of your products
  • Information from thousands of sources in all corners of the web


Complex organizations, or “systems,” are healthcare organizations, public libraries, airports, public transportation departments, government agencies, universities and any organization with multiple audiences, goals and messages. They are organizations with thousands of employees, multiple locations and multiple product or service lines. These organizations often have multiple social-media presences that are not coordinated or organized—or the thought of jumping into social media is so daunting they’ve held off.

For example, it is not uncommon for one branch of a system to have its own branded Facebook page. The page is used to promote events at this specific branch location, but also company-wide events. The page might even provide information revealing the company’s position or leanings on current events or issues. And this Facebook page contradicts everything that is posted on the page of a different branch location … and the next one … and the next. You get the picture.

Fathom has experience working with hundreds of organizations on streamlining their complex social media strategy.

See the social intelligence FAQ below for other common questions.


Fathom’s VisiOne research capabilities allow your organization (complex or otherwise) to:

  • Get comprehensive intelligence and planning
  • Compare your current social media standing with that of your closest competition
  • Uncover new arenas where your target audience is gathering
  • Obtain advice on ways to connect with them

In the world of social media and business, words like consulting and strategy are thrown around quite a bit. The more important word is planning. Before a strategy can even be conceived, there are dozens of important questions to ask. What makes things trickier is that these questions are almost always unique to a particular system.

Increase the sophistication of your PR and community outreach. LET'S GET SOCIAL

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  • Will each part of your organization have its own social media presence?
  • Will you have one unified presence representing all the branches?
  • Which social media networks should you pursue?
  • Who will be in charge of coordinating updates?
  • What are the top conversation topics that get your audiences talking?
  • Who are your advocates right now?
  • What policies do you need to consider?
  • Whom should you benchmark your social program against?
  • Are there channels beyond YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest you should participate in?
  • How do you handle a social media crisis situation?

Sure, access to all of these conversations is great, but what does it mean for your business?

How can you put this information to work for your bottom line?