Online Shopping (PLAs) allows users to search for products on Google, Bing, Amazon and many other sites to compare prices between different vendors. Fathom helps vendors by efficiently managing campaigns on these shopping engines, improving reach and driving revenue.


A well optimized product feed is the foundation of a successful shopping campaign. Fathom’s Feed Management allows for optimization of many product feeds for various shopping and display uses all in one platform.


It’s time to get start investing in Shopping Management.
Key to Success with Shopping Management
  1. A robust data feed with the ability to manipulate and test the data

    An effective feed includes:

    • Complete Representation of Products

    • Complete Use of Feed Specification

    • Google Shopping Product Category

    • Custom Labels for Fine-Tuned Campaign Control

  2. Campaign strategy and execution

    • Campaign structure in line with the site structure

    • Competitive monitoring and adjusting based on landscape shifts

    • Frequent optimizations in targeting, budgeting and bidding

Crawl, Walk, Run Campaign Approach
  1. Start with a portion of products, before targeting full inventory to learn the landscape and gain competitive insights

  2. Optimize campaign budgets and CPCs, leveraging competitive insights and performance metrics

  3. Test product feed edits like word order in titles and product descripions

  4. Launch full inventory with ability to be successful building on learning form running the portion of products

Increase conversion rates and keep costs down on comparison-shopping engines.

Major comparison-shopping engines (CSEs) include Google Shopping (formerly known as Google Product Search),, and By getting placed in their feeds, you can expect:

  • Buyers comparing your products by price and store rating

  • Additional traffic from targeted consumers that are ready to buy

  • Product-level bidding on the most cost-effective and highest-producing marketing channel

Google Shopping continues the trend started with its Product Listing Ads (PLAs). Some specific stats on PLAs since their 2010 launch:

  • 600% increase in traffic to advertisers

  • 2X the click-thru rate of text ads in the same location for these shopping queries

  • Conversion increase of 3.1%

  • Average order size increase of 5.5%

  • Total performance increase of 8.6%

Just like sponsored search results, for these comparison engines, you pay to play.

What do businesses get out of it? More product exposure; increased brand recognition; more qualified traffic than traditional pay-per-click or organic methods; increased conversion rates; increased e-commerce revenues without the technical roadblocks.

Fathom will help you defeat the competition by handling the technical side and managing spend appropriately. We’ll also analyze real-time results with transparent metrics to track return-on-investment (ROI). Contact us today →

Feed Management

Optimize your feed to increase revenue and sales.

Because shopping campaigns are not built on targeted keywords like search campaigns, the product feed is an integral component.  Fathom’s approach to feed management includes working with our clients to ensure the feed is as robust as possible, leveraging not only minimum feed requirements but also additional information for segmenting and control.

Our feed optimization begins with:

  • Dynamically compiling data from multiple raw data sources into a unified data source

  • Leveraging rules-based product data manipulation

  • Pushing unique feeds to multiple engines/marketplaces without the need for multiple feeds from your site

We work with:

  • Google & Bing PLAs

  • Display & Remarketing Platforms

  • Social Media Remarketing

  • CSE’s (, &

  • Marketplaces like Amazon & eBay



ConsumerCrafts is a one-stop shop for crafting needs.

Fathom helped ConsumerCrafts optimize:

  • Shopping feed quality by splitting one feed into two for optimal use of Custom Labels

  •  Feed segmentation for improved product categorization

  •  Shopping campaign quality by building campaigns based on updated feed segmentation

Increase In Revenue YoY 2014 Q4 - 2015 Q4

Increase In Orders YoY 2014 Q4 - 2015 Q4

ROI Growth YoY from 327% in 2014 Q4
Ready to increase your ROI, reduce spending and increase orders?

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