These days, search-engine optimization (SEO) covers a lot. It’s also integrated with many other marketing disciplines. It’s a part of content marketing, as well as branding and visibility. Showing up in Google (let alone dominating the rankings) is sometimes half the battle.


  • Site speed
  • Redirecting URLs in a redesign
  • Information architecture
  • XML sitemaps
  • Clean code review
  • Panda/Penguin cleanup


22% of all searches are location-based, and most B2C purchases happen within 20 miles of an individual’s home. Local rankings lead to foot traffic, phone calls and purchases. Start by completing your Google Business Page(s), and go next-level with things like schema and “rich snippets.” Know also that one-third of mobile searches have local intent.


If we take Google’s word for it, so much of SEO boils down to the creation of invaluable content and great user experiences. When this content and these experiences are naturally talked about and shared, Google gets signals that your website is a destination worthy of being featured prominently in its results. As a result, better content and a more usable website (i.e., the outcome of content marketing) should translate to rankings.

Another way to look at content in the context of SEO is to apply the principles of content strategy to ensure creative assets are useful, usable and desirable. Content that rewards users is also content that search engines should love.

Learn more about how search engine optimization fits into the complete digital marketing funnel.


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