Realize the incredible value of your Salesforce instance by defining opportunities for improvement in sales processes and solution design.

Is your CRM set up properly?

Do you know how to use it? If you need extra help to learn it, take advantage of formal, continual salesforce and CRM training for users.  Do you have questions about your leads, sales team, pipeline, prospecting, data or client retention?

We’ll tell you what’s what.

Get a Strategic Overview into the Brain of the Sales Mechanism

Avoid broken automation, unclean data, poor user adoption, syncing errors and inaccurate field mapping. Automate and design smart sales processes; create workflows with step-by-step documentation.

Resolve Action, Field and Object Visibility and Accessibility

Includes things like license types, public groups and triggers. Set appropriate permissions based on responsibilities and usage rates.

Increase Ability to Track Leads, Expand Visibility

Take charge with field updates, email updates and ownership transfers. Know when marketing-qualified leads have changed status. Keep track of activity on your accounts.

Need a third-party perspective on how much you’re getting from your investment? We’ll evaluate your instance from A–Z and scope out a solution that addresses opportunities for improvement.


Align marketing and sales teams with powerful workflows, cohesive business practices and successful process implementation. Is your sales process suffering from lack of adoption? Do you even have a documented process for all the steps in lead-to-revenue tracking? Do you have issues with syncing with marketing automation platforms, being a social seller or tracking sales revenue to inbound marketing?



Social Selling Workshop: Is your Social Selling strategy focused on generating activity or building equity with your prospects and clients? Our 1-day Social Selling workshop will boost your team’s productivity immediately by focusing on the following areas:

  • How to configure your social profile for use as a tool to build trust and credibility with prospects.
  • How to discover and engage your ideal clients with Social Selling.
  • How a publishing strategy can build social profile equity through content marketing.

Content Marketing: Does your marketing and messaging strategy focus on solving your ideal client’s problems or only on YOUR features and benefits? Do you have enough of the right “stage-based content” to help your sales team accelerate deal flow? Our 1-day Growth Workshop: Content Marketing Canvas will drive sales and marketing alignment resulting in well-educated leads that close faster and at a higher win-rate.


We can help you unleash the power of your Salesforce instance.

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