Make your budget go further with access to certified Google and Bing account representatives through Fathom.

Google AdWords account management (aka SEM / search-engine marketing, PPC / pay-per-click)

Microsoft AdCenter account management (aka SEM / search-engine-marketing, PPC / pay-per-click)

Social advertising (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter)

Display & retargeting / remarketing

Image / video ad creation



Social media offer another channel for your messages. Potential places to advertise are as vast as the Internet itself. Whether sponsoring videos on YouTube or Snapchat or paying for placement on Twitter via Vine, you can creatively reach audiences wherever they are. Sorting through the biggest players can sometimes be confusing, but here’s an easy way to differentiate:


  • Primarily for business-to-consumer products/services
  • Increases awareness, fans and acquisitions
  • Retargeting to custom audiences by email addresses


  • Primarily for business-to-business products/services
  • Currently the only place to target individuals by job title, industry and company
  • Converts leads 4X better than those from other social media advertising outlets (Facebook, Twitter).*


  • For both business-to-consumer and business-to-business products/services
  • Target by topical interest
  • Measures engagement by device, location, gender and interest.
It’s time to get social with your advertising.



Two primary types of retargeting are:

1. Site Retargeting:

A “traditional” approach that retargets users who have already visited the website. It helps increase conversions by bringing users back to the site (and offering them a better reason to convert).

2. Search Retargeting:

Displays ads to individuals who search for terms relevant to the site within a search engine, but don’t click on the site’s paid search ad or organic listing. In other words, it allows advertisers to reach customers that otherwise wouldn’t make it to the site.


People visit an average of 1,200+ Web pages every month, so reminders/special offers can be helpful.

On average, 98% of people leave a site without converting (via Fetchback).

Generates the best return of all display advertising methods.

Only a small investment is needed in order to generate results.

Fathom will help you defeat the competition by handling the technical side and managing spend appropriately. We’ll also analyze real-time results with transparent metrics to track return-on-investment (ROI). Contact us today →


Measure Web-based phone calls, customer responses and cost-per-lead.

In addition to tracking lead sources, you can also record every phone call that is made to your company for future review. Hear exactly what customers are saying, how your employees are handling new leads, and identify opportunities to improve customer service.


An advanced feature within call tracking, call mining allows us to select keyword phrases for mentions within the phone call. With the recording feature enabled, learn the outcome of calls, analyze trends and change your website accordingly. In addition, call mining gives you the ability to save time and money by delivering key information without needing to listen to the entire call.

Ready to make your budget go far in search engines, social media & mobile?

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