Paid Media is essential to reaching your customer, starting at the beginning of the customer journey and following through to creating brand advocates. Fathom’s Paid Media team specializes in Paid Search Advertising, Paid Social Advertising, and Display/Programmatic Advertising to find the right audience at the right time.

All of our decisions are deeply rooted in data. When it comes to your digital success, our Paid Media team believes who you are targeting is more important than what they are searching. By leveraging multiple paid advertising tactics to create an integrated and effective marketing message, we can help you reach your audience—wherever they are.

Paid Search Management and Strategy

Paid search is often considered a tactic meant only for targeting users at the bottom of the buyers’ journey. It is our belief, though, that paid search can support the entire buyers’ journey from research and consideration all the way to commit. Paid search allows you to target users that are searching for you, your products, or your services at that exact moment in time. It doesn’t get much cooler than that.

The Direct Path Approach to Paid Search Advertising

Simplicity is key. By using significantly fewer keywords in conjunction with match type logic and the use of cascading negative keywords, you can capture the same amount of impressions with fewer complications. Most importantly, though, you can steer users to the most appropriate ad group with the most relevant ad copy.

It’s more efficient—plus, it allows us to generate statistically significant data faster and help you make decisions based on what’s working and what’s not.

Here’s our logic: having thousands of keywords and using every match type dilutes the data, meaning you have less quality information to work with (or your bid management platform has less information to make bid adjustments). We call this the Direct Path Approach to Paid Search. Still not convinced? Read more on our blog.

Interested in learning more about Fathom’s approach?

Partnerships Allow You to Grow with Us

Fathom’s Paid Search Team boasts Google Premier Partner status. This allows us to have dedicated support, more access to training, access to betas, and more. In addition, we have a strong partnership with Bing Ads, providing us with dedicated support, collaboration, and training.

Ultimately, our industry partnerships allow us to accomplish our most important goal: driving better results for our clients.



Your customers are likely already on several social networks, that’s where they spend their time online. Accordingly, nearly every advertiser should be using paid social to reach their customers. The ability to target based on interests and demographics paired with retargeting and lookalike audience modeling capabilities make social a go-to channel for our partners to reach their ideal target audiences.

Our dedicated paid social advertising specialists and strategists are ready to meet your social media needs. Focusing only on social media advertising, the Fathom paid social team has a deep expertise of Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, and more.





It’s time to get social with your advertising.

Display and Programmatic Advertising

More and more advertisers are moving offline advertising to online and focusing their budgets on programmatic advertising. It’s simple; programmatic advertising allows the advertiser to get in front of the right audience, at the most affordable bid, at the right time.

Fathom’s display advertising specialists will help you determine what the right media mix is in addition to what tactics are best to achieve your goals.

Ready to make your budget go far in Paid Media, Paid Social & Display?

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