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Ensure that your nearest customers can find you easily.

22% of all searches are location-based. Are you getting found locally?

Most B2C purchases happen within 20 miles of an individual’s home, making it critical to be present on local search-results pages. Are you getting the foot traffic, local phone calls and Web orders that you should be? With Fathom as your SEO firm, there’s a lot of ways to strengthen your local-search engine optimization capabilities:

  • Complete Google Places profile(s)
  • Participate in check-ins (e.g., foursquare) and local deal programs
  • Get a local keyword strategy for your company website
  • Encourage customer reviews on third-party review sites
  • Wrap existing testimonials on your site in “Rich Snippets” programming language
  • Include a KML sitemap at the domain level for locations
  • Use micro-formats on local pages where applicable

Local profiles = visibility, links and revenue

One-third of mobile searches have local intent; these local searches are more likely to convert to revenue.

Benefits for local e-commerce:

  • Increased visibility, links and revenue
  • User reviews and ratings can tie in to product-search results, enhancing credibility
  • More relevance in smartphone-based and other mobile searches

Local SEO is part of a bigger solution.

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