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Counteract the negative with the positive.

In a world where social media and consumer-review sites give every voice a public platform, your business needs to protect its online reputation.

Online reputation management helps your business project a positive vibe and overcome negative publicity by:

  • Repeating what you’re doing right
  • Discovering and analyzing bad PR
  • Halting smear campaigns
  • Researching consumer perception of your competitors
  • Building your brand and brand awareness
  • Getting valuable insight into your products and services
  • Increasing customer satisfaction

Your reputation is everything. Our job goes further than protecting it. We want to make sure your best foot is always forward.


Learn more about reputation management on our blog.


Fathom Blog Feed: Reputation Management

Social is Your New Best Friend


It’s pretty rare that a person can say they’ve had all good experiences with every brand or product they’ve tried. There’s usually a bad experience that sticks out in your mind like a sore thumb, one that enraged you so much you swore you’d never use that brand again.… Read the rest

By | November 17, 2014