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What works for the standard desktop browser often doesn’t translate to tiny screens.

With use of the mobile Web becoming increasingly popular, how many visitors to your site are accessing your desktop-designed content on a smartphone? If the answer is greater than zero, then you need a dedicated mobile website.

Make it easier for users to find your products and services and increase engagement with mobile-friendly “click-to-call” features and mapping functions.

Let our mobile website development firm take your site mobile with:

  • Customizable color schemes
  • A collapsible multi-level menu
  • Easy Google Analytics integration
  • Twitter and Flickr implementation
  • Clean, optimized code
  • Two widget areas

Drop the big, super-fancy graphics and long forms! Don’t antagonize your mobile users.

Mobile website design is part of a bigger solution.

Learn more about our approach to digital funnel management.


Fathom Blog Feed: Mobile

Consumer Brand Manufacturing Spotlight: Mobile Christmas Failure


M-commerce fared poorly on Christmas Day last month, at least according to IBM data. How bad? E-commerce sites had 288% higher conversion rates on desktop than on smartphones. Jakob Nielsen broke down the details and significance, stating:

“This fresh data should serve as a wake-up call for e-commerce sites to get cracking on mobile usability, because many customers obviously want to shop on mobile devices.”

And don’t look the other way if you’re not in the e-commerce game; you likely have the same problems Nielsen stated:

No separate mobile design Bad general usability Non-compliance with mobile usability guidelines

More numbers that will make e-commerce marketing managers shudder: Average sales to desktop users were $107.72 while mobile users lagged far behind at $88.70.… Read the rest

By | January 15, 2015