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Never leave another great lead behind.

70% of your visitors will buy from you or a competitor. Only 5% are ready to buy today.  What do you do with the other 95%?

Answer: You engage with them through marketing automation.

What is marketing automation?
Essentially, it is trigger-based automated messaging that offers:

  • Fully automated email cadences: Message triggers that match your buying cycle/marketing needs
  • Lead-scoring: Automatic rating of leads based on the demographics/behaviors that indicate a high-quality prospect
  • “Hot-listing”: Automatic moving of high-scoring prospects to a special list or campaign
  • Direct integration with your CRM


Great candidates for implementing marketing automation:

  • People that need CRM or help maximizing/integrating a current CRM.
  • Websites that have great content but aren’t sure how to use it.
  • Businesses with an average sales cycle greater than 6 months.
  • Businesses whose products/services are “high-consideration” purchases.

Also, sales forces …

  • That have an aggressive cold-calling strategy.
  • That have difficulty establishing which prospects are hot.
  • Whose sales systems have more active contacts than its people can keep up with.

Marketing automation implementation is part of a bigger solution.

With Fathom’s marketing automation consulting, you will discover there is fuel needed to leverage marketing automation’s full potential, which includes having a strategy around:

  • Content development
  • Lead generation
  • Email deliverability
  • Process and training

Learn more about our marketing automation consulting services for your industry:

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