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In order to know what’s really going on with your website, there is no substitute for user testing.  Knowing what users are trying to do—and what actually happens—can be the difference between satisfied customers and disgruntled (or lost) visitors.

Fathom partners with Userlytics for user testing, a service that records users navigating your site over Web video.


  • Outline a scenario and tasks for users to accomplish
  • Ask up to 5 follow-up questions
  • Select demographics of testers: country, gender, age, education, employment, family status
  • Review onscreen interactions, verbal feedback and facial expressions
  • Set annotation points throughout video playback

Post-testing, you’ll get a results dashboard that lets you easily switch from user test video to video alongside each demographic profile.

“Did a great job from start to finish (wireframes and recommendations for redesign, managing the rollout and result interpretation). Highly recommend!”

-Val Gamerman, President at Pyramyd Air

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