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Using “Big Data” analytics in online marketing to produce more revenue.

The scientific foundation of predictive analytics marketing allows advertisers to create a comprehensive picture of the way their audiences behave online by finding patterns in rich data from many sources. These insights can refine real-time marketing campaigns in order to produce better conversions and revenue.

How can marketers achieve such analysis? By harnessing Big Data to drive better marketing ROI with proprietary statistical modeling.

Make your CFO fall in love with marketing
In short, imagine a statistically derived online marketing strategy. Such a strategy allows revenue-focused firms to confidently take marketing actions based on big data analytics.

Digital signaling
Digital markets contain a wealth of information about the way customers interact with brands:

As an analytics company, we believe these kinds of “digital signals” are the most powerful predictors of future consumer behavior. What’s more, when translated into a revenue-generating model, these predictive analytics provide the best basis for developing tailored digital marketing by user segment.

Big Data analytics is part of a bigger solution.

Learn more about Fathom Actify: a portfolio of custom messaging and predictive analytics.

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