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Free Keyword Research, Suggestion & List Building Tool

Keyword Mixer

View our blog post on how to use the Keyword Mixer research tool

Step 1: Choose Your Keyword Output Options

{Location} {Modifier} {Noun} eg: Ohio Search Specialists
{Modifier} {Noun} in {Location} eg: Search Specialists In Ohio
{Modifier} {Noun} eg: Search Specialists
{Location} {Noun} eg: Ohio Specialists
{Noun} in {Location} eg: Specialists in Ohio



Step 2: Set Your Options For Forcing Plurals

Force Plurals. This will attempt to create plurals for most common words. It will not work with irregular nouns (eg: virus) but will attempt to apply the following rules:

Words ending in: New Ending Example
s ses mattress => mattresses, plus => pluses
x xes fox => foxes, duplex => duplexes
ch ches match => matches, switch => switches
sh shes crash => crashes, radish => radishes
z zes waltz => waltzes
y ies party => parties, company =>companies
All others s cat => cats, book => books



Step 3: Input Your Keyword Lists (Note: Just a list, not comma-separated)