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Link-building can be a time-consuming, yet rewarding endeavor. If you want new people to find your site from places other than search engines, you need to get linked using online public relations. The trick to getting links is mainly to have content that’s worth linking to. That being said, there are different things you can do to increase your content output … and the distribution of your existing content.

Read these essential link-building articles first:

No matter what the specific purpose of your next link campaign, keep the following guidelines in mind:

1. Be selective.
Don’t try to get links for the sake of links. Think quality over quantity. Not all links are equal. Target the most relevant industry websites, directories (paid or free), and other places that current/potential customers could find you.

2. Think outside of the box.
If you sell children’s clothes, don’t just target clothing websites. Offer valuable information about seasonal fashion trends or school uniform requirements that fashion or parenting sites may want.

3. Describe your site with the right details.
Websites that link to yours may have their own protocols, but try to get links attached to descriptive keywords. These can be helpful both for visitors and search-engine rankings.

4. Link to the most relevant pages. (Or, variety is key.)
Many people arrange for links to go always to the home page, but it’s best to direct links to the appropriate product, white paper or other internal page. Conversion rates are usually higher.

5. Showcase your expertise.
Create link-worthy copy and then promote it. Complement a news release by appealing to blogs, online communities and insider websites that may want to link to your valuable information.

Don’t have the time or patience for proper link-building?

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