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Video in its purest form is a social medium. Social media and video together make a very powerful combination. Through video, you can educate, entertain, engage and expand current and potential consumers, offering them an outlet to interact directly with your brand on a personal level.

Are you including video in your social strategy? Download this free, 16-page white paper to learn from Fathom and Page Plus Celluar how online video can help your company:

  • Drive new traffic to your website
  • Increase the chance your strategic keywords show up in search-engine results
  • Engage directly with potential customers
  • Improve and monitor brand reputation
  • Measure and analyze sentiment for improved customer satisfaction



“Video has increasingly become an integral part of a savvy company’s online marketing efforts, and partnering with Fathom for video has proven to be successful in helping Page Plus Cellular gain traction in an extremely competitive environment. Fathom’s production and creative abilities are top-notch, and their communication throughout the whole process has been outstanding.”

– Dennis Scher, Marketing Manager, Page Plus Cellular