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Improve return on your marketing investments.

Let Fathom’s research analysts use powerful tools to dive deep into your business’s digital marketing, bringing data to the conversation about improving your online visibility and ultimately, driving increased revenue. Here are some of the various things we typically look at:

  • SEO
  • Technical
  • Paid Media
  • Top Competitors
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Blogging
  • Social Media

Our assessments are designed to help identify the most important opportunities for your business. In order to provide valuable information that is specific to your business, we focus on the following aspects of your marketing program:

  • Your top 3 competitors
  • Target keywords you’re tracking
  • Performance metrics from your Google Analytics and AdWords accounts
  • Your focus and business goals for the year/quarter 

We do not share any of this information; we simply use it to provide the most relevant insights into your marketing strategy.

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