1465 Northwest Blvd Columbus, OH 43212

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Fathom is located in Columbus, Ohio in addition to its headquarters near Cleveland. The Columbus office was formerly known as Webbed Marketing, now a part of Fathom. Webbed Marketing, a digital marketing firm in Columbus, had experienced double-digit annual growth since its founding in 2006 and Fathom definitely took notice. Fathom officially acquired Webbed Marketing in 2011 and since then we’ve continued to grow our presence as a digital marketing agency in Columbus.

We strongly encourage our clients or potential clients to visit with us in person to understand what we can offer in terms of Internet marketing solutions. However, if this is simply not possible, we are more than happy to meet at your location.

We’ve continued to provide digital marketing solutions to the Columbus area.

Learn more about what makes us different from ordinary digital marketing agencies.