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Save time. Rest knowing your extra income stream is covered.

Comparison shopping engine management is a big deal for e-commerce websites. Getting your products in these product-search engines can mean the difference between making your monthly revenue targets and missing them or, at the very least, extra visitors and conversions that you wouldn’t otherwise have.

Shopping engines:

  • are highly visible
  • provide significant brand exposure
  • link directly to product pages (meaning less clicks to conversion)

Let Fathom handle your data feed management – we optimize, implement and monitor feeds for the following CSEs:

Fathom Blog Feed: Retail / E-commerce

E-Commerce Calls-To-Action


We all know that the marketer’s ultimate goal for retail Web page visitors is conversion. We want the consumer to read the product descriptions, learn more about the merchandise or service, and ultimately be so convinced that it is exactly what they have been looking for they take the plunge right then and there.… Read the rest

By | July 23, 2014