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Smooth the Path to Purchase.

According to Forrester Research, total online sales for e-commerce will reach $279 billion by 2015. Mobile and social-driven sales are increasingly playing a part in the diverse e-commerce mix.

Make sure you are maximizing your avg. revenue per site visitor and getting the best return-on-investment with ecommerce marketing services like dynamic online advertising; search-engine optimization; social media; email marketing and mobile optimization.

Fathom is a retail marketing agency.  The companies we serve include:

Your Goals

Increase Online Sales

  • Boost awareness.
  • Acquire more quality traffic.
  • Convert more customers.
  • Improve customer LTV & profitability.


Improve Digital Marketing ROI

  • Increase avg. RPV (revenue per visitor).
  • Eliminate wasted advertising spend.
  • Make smarter business decisions.




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“Fathom’s ecommerce marketing services, specifically PPC, have helped us grow our business here at iResQ. They are accountable each month and continue to come up with new ideas and ways to generate sales and revenue for our company.”

Keith Melendez, Webmaster at iResQ

Generally, ecommerce marketers all have the same goal – to drive more revenue via digital channels. To meet this goal, most marketers focus on one of the following:

  • Capturing more market share
  • Acquiring new customers
  • Improving customer retention & brand loyalty
  • Innovating & launching new products

There are a variety of retail marketing services and tools that can help marketers reach their goals. Fathom’s job as an ecommerce marketing agency is to help you understand which strategies and tools are best suited for your needs. Our teams then take full responsibility for executing on the strategy in an efficient, cost-effective way.

Being focused on driving more online revenue, Fathom’s retail marketing team helps retailers understand their business and navigate the marketing mix. We offer clients full transparency into digital campaign performance metrics through comprehensive dashboards and in-depth dives into analytics, and ensure that potential in all digital marketing channels is fully capitalized. Whether it’s handling seasonal strategies, product launches or promotion, Fathom will help you plan and execute successful campaigns.

Fathom also understands the path to purchase, and will help you optimize your digital presence for better conversions. We help identify the most profitable products and use a variety of ecommerce marketing tactics (search engine optimization, paid search, remarketing and conversion optimization) to drive customers to those pages. We also implement A/B and heatmap tests on a regular basis to better understand your buyers’ behavior and optimize design elements and page layouts to meet their needs.

Fathom measures all retail marketing efforts in terms of ROI and revenue generated – we’re focused on results that matter. In fact, Fathom’s goal as a company is to generate $2 billion for our clients by 2020, so measuring results in terms of revenue generated for your company is very important to us. If you’d like to talk with us about a plan for your company, feel free to give us a call at 866-726-5968.