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Our Roots Are in Manufacturing

Today more than ever before, manufacturers need to be visible online to reach new customers. As you’re exploring digital marketing agencies, it may seem like we all offer the same services: Search- engine optimization, content development, paid search, social media, marketing automation, etc.

But in our case, you may want to take a closer look.

Fathom’s roots go back to 1997 as an IT firm that specialized in manufacturing. Today, an entire division of our marketing agency is solely focused on how to help manufacturers grow their businesses. This industry focus and knowledge is what sets us apart from the rest. We help you with:

Business Strategy and Support

  • Customer insights: Understand who is purchasing and how to determine which marketing efforts are most effective.
  • Execution: Help your internal marketing team by acting as an extension of your business. We can help provide industry trends and training.

Revenue Growth

  • Lead generation: Take market share from your competition.
  • Optimize the sales process: Helping your sales reps become more efficient.
  •  Knowledge leadership: Increase brand awareness in your field by staying top-of-mind to your prospects.
  • Maximize your tradeshow ROI to get the most out of each and every show.

Diversification into New Markets and Industries

  • Innovate and launch new products and services based on customer feedback.
  • Attract new sales channels and distributors to help them educate the end consumer on your products and services.
  • Sell globally to compete in today’s competitive global marketplace.

Increasing Customer Loyalty

  • Voice of customer: Guide you with opportunities to improve existing products or create complementary products and services
  • Increase lifetime value and average order size of your customers

Yes, we’re happy to talk about SEO, PPC, content marketing, social media, marketing automation and video services. However, the services that take your company to the next level depend greatly on your overarching priorities.

Get your free marketing assessment and learn how our manufacturing & industrial marketing agency can help your company improve its online visibility today.

Your Goals

More Sales Leads

Fill the “top” of the sales funnel:

  • Generate more samples/demos.
  • Offer better resources.
  • Get more conversions.


Lower Cost-Per-Order

  • Nurture demo prospects into paying customers.
  • Hold budgets accountable.
  • Increase avg. return on marketing investment to $10:$1.




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“Fathom is the only SEO vendor that I have seen that provides an actionable plan for how to measure and tie leads to revenue in order to better align marketing spend. Fathom clearly delivered the performance results we anticipated as well as drove down our PPC costs while increasing quality leads. Best in the business.”

Brace Rennels, Sr. Manager of Community Strategy at EMC