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Consider this fact on industrial marketing: 93% of business buyers use search to begin the buying process.*


Fathom has proven experience in helping manufacturers and their supply chain collect lead data, manage the sales cycle, and deliver results that matter. We understand that in industrial marketing there is power in connecting with prospective B2B customers or consumer markets online.

Generate more brand awareness, leads and customers with content marketing. Help buyers better understand your products or processes (especially if complex). Know your customers and how they learn about products and services, and then cater to these needs when you are marketing manufacturing solutions.

Drive more sales-ready leads by utilizing acquisition strategies like SEO and Paid Search to fill the “top” of the sales funnel.  The end goal in many of these campaigns is to increase conversions, whether that’s sample/demo requests, resource downloads or other calls-to-action.

Lowering the cost-per-order involves nurturing prospects into paying customers.  Fathom’s industrial marketing group does this through marketing automation and email nurturing campaigns.  We are focused on holding budgets accountable and report ROI on all marketing tactics we employ.  To date, Fathom has driven an average ROI of $10:$1 for all manufacturing clients.

*Source: Marketo, “Optimizing Landing Pages – Why Testing Is Critical.”

Your Goals

More Sales Leads

Fill the “top” of the sales funnel:

  • Generate more samples/demos.
  • Offer better resources.
  • Get more conversions.


Lower Cost-Per-Order

  • Nurture demo prospects into paying customers.
  • Hold budgets accountable.
  • Increase avg. return on marketing investment to $10:$1.




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“Fathom is the only SEO vendor that I have seen that provides an actionable plan for how to measure and tie leads to revenue in order to better align marketing spend. Fathom clearly delivered the performance results we anticipated as well as drove down our PPC costs while increasing quality leads. Best in the business.”

Brace Rennels, Sr. Manager of Community Strategy at EMC