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Increase awareness and branding on a measurable budget. Whether you need more heads in beds or devices/platforms sold, we can help you achieve your goals profitably. In a highly regulated environment, working with an agency that understands your legal and organizational complexities is important. Rest assured that our healthcare marketing agency understands your needs, whether you are a health system, physician practice, health IT company, assisted living facility, medical publisher, advocacy association or OTC brand.

We primarily serve:

In terms of branding, awareness and driving new patient acquisition, Fathom is focused on building community engagement on social media, increasing conversions (whitepapers, videos, calculators), and driving more sales-ready leads (demos, pricing requests) for healthcare IT companies.

Fathom aims to relieve administrative burdens and eliminate redundancy. Our healthcare marketing agency reveals insights from Web analytics that help organizations clean up marketing campaigns, decipher hidden opportunities, and make actionable policy recommendations.

Your Goals

Branding, Awareness & Patients

  • Get more (and more loyal) patients through better community engagement.
  • Look better than competing hospitals.
  • Get more conversions on white papers, videos and calculators.
  • More sales leads for software trial offers/demos.


Simplify My Marketing

Relieve administrative burdens and eliminate redundancy. Report and reveal insights from digital analytics:

  • Clean up my marketing campaigns (e.g., 7 managers running 7 dueling PPC accounts).
  • Decipher my Web analytics (starting with my password).
  • Help create a policy for physician use of social media.




“…Fathom’s expert knowledge of the healthcare industry has generated great content to support all of our online marketing strategies. Their understanding of SEO and social has helped us proactively manage our online reputation alongside an increase in traffic, rankings and revenue to multiple company website properties.”

Joelle Reizes, Communications Director at Life Line Screening