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Technology: SEO

An IT company specializing in managed data services wants to increase the number of quotes generated online and to promote its newest data center in Columbus.Strategy:

  • Created new pages to increase the number of keywords the site could viably target
  • SEO for existing and new content pages to rank for location terms
  • Redesigned site header


  • Organic form completions increased 107% (from 14 monthly avg. completions to 29)
  • Avg. lead conversion rate for geo-targeted keyword increased from 3% to 4.48%
  • “Get a Quote” conversions from Boston keywords up from 4.62% to 8.49%; conversions from Indianapolis keywords increased from 2.6% to 7.41%
  • “Columbus” keyword-related traffic increased 451% (from 76 to 419)
  • Improved 2011 ROI ($1:$9.73) over 2010 ($1:$4.80).

Technology: SEO & Video

An IT company provides software solutions related to customer service, responsiveness, relationships and strategy. Its goal is to generate leads via the company website that syncs with Eloqua. The lead forms are tied to marketing collateral downloads.Strategy:


  • ROI improved from $1:$16 in Oct. 2010 to $1:$40 in May 2011
  • Leads via download increased 140% from Oct. 2010 to May 2011
  • Organic traffic increased by 39.9% Q4 2010 → Q1 2011
  • Referral traffic increased by 85.8% from Q4 2010 → Q1 2011

B2B/B2C Telecommunications

A prepaid mobile phone network wants to increase visibility and traffic to bolster sales and attract new dealers and customers.Strategy:


  • Increased leads: Gained more than 67,000 new customer registration leads and 13,500 dealer leads; PPC tactics resulted in more than 400 leads in phone calls
  • Paid search campaign achieved 68% return on gross sales per pay-per-click cost.
  • Bolstered non-branded organic traffic more than 2,000% from April 2009 to February 2010.
  • New videos brought 16,000+ views from third-party portals.
  • Improved rankings: From May 2009 to March 2010, increased from 5 quality #1 rankings to 21 #1 rankings.

B2B Manufacturing

A manufacturer of corrosion-resistant secondary containment systems wants to expand the amount of relevant search traffic to its website, improve brand recognition in the secondary containment industry, and increase Web leads.Strategy:


  • Lead delivery increased 129% year-over-year
  • Average ROI: $1:$150+
  • Organic traffic increased 77% year-over-year
  • Average page views per visitor increased 81% year-over-year


A 36-campus nationwide for-profit college specializing in vocational healthcare education wants to drive qualified prospects to Fathom-hosted landing pages and convert them into quality leads.Strategy:

  • Created an email campaign centered on a quiz.
  • Highlighted one question in an email newsletter, which drove the reader to a landing page with the full quiz.

  • CTR increased 41% from previous 5 months of 2011
  • Leads up 238% from previous 5 months of 2011
  • Revenue up 217% from previous 5 months of 2011
  • ROI = 6,287%; Rev./$1 cost = $1:$62.87

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Retail Company: SEO

An outdoor equipment company wants to achieve top rankings for its two best and most competitive keywords: “pond liner” and “pond liners.”Strategy:

  • Expanded content to include greater use of top-ranking keywords
  • Produced regular blog posts to support off-season keyword rankings
  • Modified the home page content to reflect the current season’s prominent products and top-ranking keywords

  • Achieved #1 & #2 rankings for the term “pond liners”
  • Increased revenue by 91%
  • Increased number of transactions 98%
  • Increased e-commerce conversion rate 49%
  • Boosted per-visit value 49%
  • Increased number of visits by 32%

Retail Healthcare

A medical equipment company specializing in replacement batteries for wheelchairs and scooters wants to increase its conversion rate to 6.5% and overall traffic by 30% in one quarter.Strategy:


  • Overall traffic increased 462% (from baseline of 1,348 to 6,238)
  • Organic traffic increased 493% (from 1,043 in Jan 2011 to 5,142 in May 2011)
  • Brought $9,577.44 in new revenue in May 2011 upon fix of merchant’s Google product feed
  • ROI: $1:$15.16