Creating Your Unfair Advantage:  Fathom’s Latest Podcast for Transformational Marketers

Why Creating Your Unfair Advantage?

We believe that each marketer can be his or her business’ unfair advantage. With access to the right technologies, tools, and strategies, marketers have the potential to punch above their weight and empower their organizations to do the same. In turn, marketers will create an unfair advantage for themselves and their personal careers.

What Is It?

A weekly, 20-minute podcast produced by Fathom. It is hosted by Fathom’s Chief Strategy Officer, Jeff Leo Herrmann, and Fathom’s Director of Marketing, Jon Pogact. Each week, Jon and Jeff will break down a strategy or tactic that will allow marketers of all experience levels and access to resources to begin transforming their marketing.  The podcasts are also followed by blogs and show notes for Fathom blog readers.

Podcast Hosts

Jeff Leo Herrmann

Chief Revenue Officer


Jon Pogact

Director of Marketing


Why Should You Listen?

  • If you’re a marketer looking to accelerate your business up the marketing maturity curve
  • If your marketing team wants to be empowered, create value within your organization, and make real business impact
  • If you’re interested in personal growth, gaining marketing knowledge, and creating a competitive advantage in your career
  • If you want to be your organization’s unfair advantage

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