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Fathom Now Offers Interactive Video Experience – INGAGE: Interactive Engagement

By | March 30, 2012

INgage LogoDid you know that Fathom now offers an interactive video solution? We call it Fathom INGAGE: “Interactive Engagement.” You may be asking yourself, “What, exactly, is an interactive video?”

Interactive videos are clickable video players that allow the viewer to choose an individual path throughout the video, leading to heightened view times up to 5X  longer than linear business video, and increased conversions by an average of 35%.

So, how is this done? Interactive clickable objects within the player itself allow the user to choose the next preferred video to view. And not only do these buttons provide viewers with complete control of their video destiny, but they also can be hyperlinked to external websites, such as product pages, checkout pages and even landing pages.

And the best part? These applications are designed to convert! The implementation of form fields within the player itself tie leads directly to the video!
Through detailed analytics, you’ll gain valuable insight into audience viewing behavior, such as number of views and average length of time spent watching.

You’ll access critical-path and decision-point information, such as:

INGAGE Path Analytics, Decision Points

Gain insight into viewer decision points

  • Percentage of viewers who requested more information
  • How many users stopped viewing from each individual clip
  • The most and least popular path taken from each clip
  • (Most importantly) Conversion rates per clip.

Check out the interactive player above, and shoot us a comment below to let us know how you think an interactive video solution could help enhance the user experience of your site! And don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel. Thanks for watching, and stay tuned for more educational content from Fathom!

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