Why Facebook Ads Can Be a Great Alternative to Google AdWords

With all this fuss these days around Google AdWords Enhanced Campaigns, advertisers might consider testing more of their digital advertising budget through other advertising channels, such as Facebook Ads.

Facebook Ads has made some major improvements over the past year or so, and advertisers are realizing the value that this advertising channel can bring. The list below contains several reasons why you should consider allocating some budget (or additional budget) towards Facebook Ads:

  1. More Bang for Your Buck: Generally, (especially in very expensive/competitive verticals in paid search) advertisers can find much cheaper CPC’s or even try a CPM model.
  2.  Target WHO You Want to Target…Not Keywords Being Searched: Perhaps you’re having trouble finding people searching keywords for your campaign, or they’re simply not converting. Facebook advertising combines demographic targeting with interest targeting, and you may have more success than in Google finding your right target audience.
  3. Facebook Now Has Conversion Tracking: Finally, easily measure performance of all your Facebook ads by placing a code on your thank-you or confirmation pages! If you haven’t read up on this latest update, you’re missing out.
  4.  Facebook Custom Audiences (Retargeting): If you haven’t heard about this targeting option, you could be really missing out. Have an email list of current or previous customers? Use Facebook ‘custom audiences’ and match those email addresses with the email addresses associated with Facebook users and send them segmented messages based on their history.
  5. Multiple Ad Formats: Standard ads, sponsored stores, promoted posts, video ads, event ads, oh my! Take advantage of the various options Facebook Ads provides to achieve your desired goals.
  6. Better for Branding: If branding is important to your company or a product launch/announcement is nearing, Facebook will not only be more cost-effective (i.e. using promoted posts), but due to its social nature, “friends of fans” will see their friends liking your brand.
  7. What’s a “Like” Worth To Your Company? It’s been a hot topic for advertisers trying to determine an ROI from Facebook from a “micro-conversion” such as a “Like.” What we do know about “Likes” is once a user “likes” your page or ad, he/she is eligible to be remarketed to later. Therefore, the “Like Lifetime Value” might be more valuable than you think!


I am in no way claiming that all advertisers should move the majority of their budget from Google AdWords and Bing Ads to Facebook Ads. However, I do believe Facebook is slowly but surely moving in the right direction. So, if you haven’t had success in the past or have never given Facebook Ads a shot, now might be a great time to test it out!

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  • Jeff says:

    I just tried out facebook ads and I never got a single conversion. Also the bidding is 3 times more expensive than Adwords for my niche.

  • David K says:

    Facebook ads are terrible, the CPC is way too high and the conversions are awful. I don’t know how anyone gets it to work there. I think distribution is the key element of marketing. Instead of Facebook, try Outbrain or Adblade. Both have serious scale and great conversions.

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